Hydro-Blaster Teen Water Game

Hydro Blaster Water Race

Hydro Blaster Water Race

Setup area: 10' x 10'

Actual Size: 5' x 5'

Outlets: Hooks up to your water hose


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$195 Hydro Blaster Water Race

Try a cool new way to get wet on a hot Arizona day!

This fun and unique two player game will be a hit at your party or event.Two person Hydro Blaster

Players square off under the Hydro Blaster to do battle. Balloons filled with water hang overhead as the game begins.

Each participant pumps as fast as they can to try to blow up the balloon over their competitor.

The one who gets wet first loses or if it's a really hot day I guess they win!!

This game is a great alternative for a Dunk Tank you have limited access, a small area or can't use hundreds of gallons of water. The Hydro-Blaster uses must less water than a Dunk Tank and can be used dry too. The competitors would race to see who can pop the ballon first. Great for indoor events or if it's too cold for a traditional Dunk Tank.


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